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It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to cloud the view by applying too much eye makeup, or by applying it incorrectly would you? That is why it is important to learn which colors work for you, and to learn the correct application techniques for your products. By taking the time to educate yourself on the art of eye makeup application, you will have the tools you need to always look your best. You will be able to pull off an effortless natural look or switch gears to a glamorous evening face with little time and great skill.

The point of wearing eye makeup is to accentuate and emphasize the best features of your eyes, whether it’s their shape, size, or color. Wearing eye makeup should not be about hiding anything, or covering anything up with a lot of too-bright colors and too-dark lines. Eye makeup application should be about being comfortable, feeling confident, and putting your best face forward. It is important to know what products are available to you, and learning to discover what you are most comfortable working with, and which products work best with you.

The three basic types of eye makeup are eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Eyeliner is used to define your eyes and make them stand out. You can use an eyeliner pencil, a liquid eyeliner, or you can even apply eye shadow with a soft eyeliner brush, depending on how bold or understated you want to go. Eyeliner should be applied over the entire line of the lid, right above the lash line. You can apply eyeliner on the bottom lid as well, following the lash line across the entire length of the eye.

Eye shadow is used to add color and pop to your makeup, and also to accentuate your eye color and draw attention to your eyes. You can leave it off altogether for a natural look, or you can use colors that complement each other (light colors for highlighting, medium colors for your lower lid). Remember not to match your eye shadow to your eye color. Neutral colors that contrast with your eye color actually work to complement it.

Mascara is used as the finishing touch for your eye makeup. It works to make your eyelashes look fuller and longer. Avoid the clumpy look by blotting the mascara applicator brush with a tissue. This removes excess mascara. You will increase the density and length of your eyelashes without them being sticky, and you will find that the mascara won’t flake of throughout the day.

There is no shortage of eye makeup products available in stores and online today. It can be overwhelming trying to decide on which brand, color, and type of makeup to purchase. In order to find the best products for you, you might unfortunately go through a lot of products before you ultimately find the right match. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. The best way to avoid this kind of expense and hassle is to ask friends and consult reviews of products. An easy way to do that is by referring to one of the many online sites that sell cosmetics, such as www.beauty.com. A site such as this sells a wide selection of brands and colors of all types of eye makeup, from eyeliners, shadows, and mascaras. They also sell the tools you need to keep your eyes looking naturally beautiful, such as tweezers, makeup removers, and application tools. Also available are fun eye products such as eye glitters. The best part about sites like www.beauty.com is that customers have reviewed many of the products. The reviews are posted with the product, and this allows you to read firsthand accounts of customers’ experiences with a whole array of merchandise. The reviews are brutally honest, and the ratings are not always good. Imagine the time and money that you can save by conducting research on different products before purchasing them! The products are available for purchase often at or below department store cosmetics prices, which is a convenient bonus.

Applying eye makeup doesn’t have to be intimidating. Take the time to learn the proper application techniques, either by consulting a professional makeup artist or by purchasing a how-to book. By doing this you will find that if you know the correct application techniques and the hues that compliment your eye color and complexion, applying eye makeup is a quick way to improve your appearance and your confidence. You will be able to create a number of looks for yourself with little effort, and you will have fun experimenting with the many great products available.